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The Ocean Connection: Declaring Our Missions

This week, the students declared their missions in the marine conservation landscape at Lianhua Primary! We started off with a peer sharing on the life cycle of a betta fish by one of the students. Despite being 12-years-young, he has been interested in marine life ever since he got his first pet fish six years ago. Next, our guest speaker Xiang Tian gave a cosy sharing on his experiences with the marine scene in Singapore and what inspired him to start LepakInSG, a one-stop calendar listing local environmental events. He also dropped valuable tips on discovering the rich intertidal areas of Singapore! By then, the students were excited to jump back into their projects again.

Meet Mr. Fisherman, Tom the Diver, and Stella, a concerned member of the public! Combining their insights from the interviews that they have conducted, each group chose one stakeholder from the ecosystems that they have mapped out in the last session as their main character for their storyworld. They then thought about how these stakeholders affect the bigger ecosystem by exploring their character’s desirable and undesirable traits, and their motivations behind their actions.

Next, it was time to declare their missions. In relation to their selected problem in marine conservation, the students envisioned how their ideal worlds would look like – trash-free beaches, no overfishing, and alternative sustainable food sources are just some of the many visions they came up with! With a goal in mind, the students then discussed how their main characters could act differently to achieve such an ideal world. The students then tapped on their knowledge of the marine conservation landscape and creativity to brainstorm possible solutions to reach their ideal worlds. Beyond just sharing their ideas to their groups, students also built onto each other’s ideas, adding fresh perspectives to each idea. It’s amazing to hear the solutions that each group has came up with just within such a short session! In the next session, the students will be going on an experiential field trip to St. John’s Island, where they will hear from professionals in the marine conservation scene and get to finally see for themselves the things that they have been learning about!

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