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The Ocean Connection: Introduction to Storytelling

This week at Lianhua Primary was about storytelling! We started off from two weeks back, to check-in with the students about their first impressions & new impressions after watching the films about Singapore's marine landscape, and got them to ponder why that impression changed - and power of storytelling in the process! Nathaniel shared about the creative process behind conceptualising and creating the film, and the students got a chance to see just how rich Singapore's marine biodiversity was! It was then the fun part - they were thrown into the deep end.

Having just 1 hour to watch/read/consume a story of different mediums (film, vlog, photos, speech, magazine article & poster), the students dissected what it took to create each of these stories and with limited supplies, were tasked to create their own! The results were absolutely stunning & impressive - under the time pressure, they produced incredible work on broad social themes like plastic waste, kindness and social media and presented their creations to the rest of the class.

At the end of the day, the kids learnt a few important lessons: (1) different storytelling mediums could be use to represent different themes & issues, (2) with all the challenges met, the key was to improvise, and (3) storytelling is not difficult, everyone eventually managed to create something incredible! As we look ahead, the kids will be incorporating storytelling into the creation of their own missions and projects towards marine conservation in their schools and beyond - only time will tell how they will rise up to the challenge, definitely can't wait!

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