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The Ocean Connection: Recruiting For Our Missions

It can take you around 2 hours and 30 minutes to fly from Singapore to Bali. You would also spend that same amount of time if you were to watch the first three episodes of Our Planet just now. The question is, could you become an experienced storyteller within that span of time?

This week at the Lianhua Primary School, the students were given 2 hours and 30 minutes to produce a short video showcasing both their journeys throughout The Ocean Connection, and their call-to-action for the upcoming LHPS Oceans Day.

They started off by gathering in groups and brainstorming the content of their videos. Keeping in mind what they had learned during Session 6, students focused in finding the best way to communicate their message to their classmates while still keeping them engaged.

Then, we gave them access to all the pictures and videos we took during previous sessions so they could put their videos together. After a few clicks and a couple of downloads, the editing game began.

Teamwork was essential to complete the task at hand. While some students took charge of creating the storyline for their videos, others focused on selecting the pictures and videos that would match that story. Another handful of them were invested in translating the infromation their teammates had gather up into an actual visual production. Like this, second by second, the students were able to re-create their journeys and missions in a 3 minute video.

But can you really call yourself a video producer if your work doesn’t go missing just when you are about to hit the save button? Spielberg can prove me wrong, but I don’t think so. Unfortunately, one of our groups experienced a similar situation when they were about to export their work. Nevertheless, fighting against frustration and time, these kids still managed to re-edit their entire video, add some background music and finish on time. Isn’t that incredible? Call me cheesy, but the Lianhua Primary students often remind me of coral reefs. You’ll see, despite the challenges and obstacles they find on their ways, their resilience and determination drives them forward to bloom and thrive.

After videos were exported and safely put into a file, the feeling of achievement in the room could not be contained. “It was rewarding to finally see it done, to see how everything came together at the end" Migiwa, one of our participants, said. Others couldn’t help but laugh as they watched their videos and visited some of the memories from the past seven weeks.

With the LHPS Oceans Day coming in 12 days the students have a lot of work and preparation to make. But to be honest, we are not worried at all. Instead, we are eager to see how they stories and impressions about the ocean have evolved. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from the students is that determination —and storytelling— it’s all it takes.

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