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The Ocean Connection: Refining Our Missions

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

This week at Lianhua Primary the students worked on refining their missions by recollecting facts and experiences from their journeys and bringing them to life. When it was time to put their ideas on paper it was incredible to see the amount of knowledge, appreciation and enthusiasm these students have developed for the ocean in the past few months.

After a brief warm up activity, Sam Shu Qin from Our Singapore Reefs shared her experience as a marine biologist and co-founder of a marine conservation initiative. “What does a marine biologist do?” she asked. Just the right question to prompt the student’s curiosity and imagination. Sam also shared about her work with sharks, her passion for corals and her goal of demonstrating that citizen science in a place like Singapore is possible. With a wave of thoughts, questions and even selfies, the students were inspired by our guest speaker, to kickstart their own projects too.

Then, it was time to work on their missions. Three weeks from now the students will be presenting both their journey and their final project to their schoolmates during the Lianhua’s Oceans Day (more details to be shared soon!). The big question was: how are we going to make our school care about our causes and how do we communicate that through our booths? That task was not easy, but once more, the students proved that a committed group with a real mission can translate a couple of crazy ideas into action.

Like this, each group simulated what their booths would look like on the actual Oceans Day. As a way to recreate the problem of overfishing, one group came up with “Where’s the Fish?”, a game where participants had to find hidden figures of fish in a box. Another group thought about a knowledge board that included questions like “Why are drowning fish really drowning?” to raise awareness about pollution in oceans and mangroves.

“Why should we care about other countries” a student asked during Sam’s sharing. She explained that as oceans are connected by currents, our actions, whether they are positive or negative, could also end up affecting someone else. There it is, The Ocean Connection. Somehow, somewhere, somewhat, we can’t help but to be connected to each other by the ocean’s immensity.

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