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The Ocean Connection: Understanding our Singapore Seas

The Singapore Blue Plan 2018 was launched last year, with Recommendation #6 calling for greater inclusion of environment and science communication in formal school curriculum. It has been a couple of months since then, and here at Our Seas, Our Legacy, we strongly believe in pushing for this, that perhaps raising a generation of environmentally-conscious students can lead to great change. And what better way to engage the kids through what we do best – storytelling!

The Ocean Connection, an 8 week interactive education programme and collaboration between Our Seas, Our Legacy and The Maju Collective, which aims to use storytelling to develop the students’ interests in marine challenges and solutions, and get them to work towards their own missions and advocacy project in their school and beyond towards the end was officially launched today! We are piloting this programme with Lianhua Primary School students – after introducing it to the school at assembly, the kids could voluntarily sign-up and the response was overwhelming! Over the next few months, the kids will be exposed to Singapore’s marine environments, biodiversity, challenges, and solutions through an eclectic range of interactive activities, visual storytelling mediums, talks and sharings, fieldtrips, creation of their own stories, ultimately culminating in a school-wide World Ocean Day celebration where they would share their own advocacy projects with the rest of their cohort and continue to champion them after the programme.

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